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BEST PRACTICE. Issue 2/2014. Ready for Industry 4.0? | T-Systems
The digital economy forces companies to transform their IT. | T-Systems

Smart new world.

When people, machines and their surroundings are all communicating with each other, and cloud, big data and mobile solutions are on the scene, everyone and everything becomes smarter. How CIOs in Europe are employing digitization and transformation to prepare for Industry 4.0 and to boost business across the continent.
Digitization: businesses are entering a new era. | T-Systems
Look out today, so you don’t lose out tomorrow.
Andreas Zilch
Analyze IT.
The fourth industrial revolution, explains Experton executive Andreas Zilch, will transform company/customer relationships. And if IT is to enable zero distance, it needs to pick up the pace.
Intelligent networks are drawing people and technology together in the Internet of Things
Market barometer.
Intelligent production solutions and smart connectivity are drawing people, machines, systems, and resources into a single network. But what are businesses doing to keep up? Facts and figures on digitization.



Business transformation processes: From service provider to business enabler
Economies of scale. Dr. Manfred Immitzer, CIO of Nokia's Networks division, on the role of IT in enterprise transformation, the appeal of achieving zero distance to the customer, and ensuring zero outages as standard.


Jim Hagemann Snabe, former SAP Co-CEO, on the future of a connected economy
Social business. Jim Hagemann Snabe, former SAP co-CEO, on the connected digital economy of the future and why the "Industry 4.0-era" is going to turn one industry after the next upside down.


With disruptive technologies innovative start-ups are pushing into the markets
Ones to watch. Their ideas are smart, simple, and in sync with their customers' needs. We look at three start-up ventures, from online shopping, to heating, to carsharing.

Cloud Computing

Manage your cloud technology easy and secure: with the Cloud Broker | T-Systems
Cloud Broker. This highly secure web portal enables users to flexibly purchase, manage and automatically scale public, private and hybrid cloud services, and transfer them between IaaS providers.

CIO statements

Digitization in facility management – an Interview with Henrik Trepka, CIO at ISS | T-Systems
All aboard. 30 international CIOs, 24 industries, and a scale of one to five. On a train tour of Germany, Horst Ellermann, Editor-in-Chief of CIO Magazine, had one qestion: how digital is your enterprise?

Guest book

 Human-to-machine interaction in the age of industry 4.0
Clear definition. Prof. Detlef Zühlke from the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence believes that people will remain in control of manufacturing processes – "even in the age of Industry 4.0".


Always on – the chinese car market is crying out for mobile solutions | T-Systems
Zero Distance in China. Chinese motorists are 'always-on' – even using apps to tracking down their vehicles. This is one market crying out for inventive solutions. And it's time for German automotive industry to step up.


Cartoon: How will evolution continue in the world of digitization? | T-Systems
Digitization. Please move on!

Best Practices


Cloud transformation: EPCOS decides to keep its IT environment flexible | T-Systems
Customers as suppliers. Thanks to the cloud, EPCOS has re-duced its ERP costs for basic opera-tions by 25 percent. Moreover, perfor-mance levels, user numbers and ser-vices can be modified in line with needs.


A virtual desktop is a key target for investments for 46 % of German CIOs | T-Systems
Dynamic Workplace. Enabled by the cloud, virtual desktops allow employees to access their applications, data and documents via a web browser, at any time, in any place, and from any device.

New partner

T-Systems implements Google Search Appliance for companies | T-Systems
A handy helper. Following Microsoft and SAP's lead, Deutsche Telekom's subsidiary T-Systems has opted to collaborate with Google – implementing Google Search Appliance for corporate customers.

Germany's Federal Printing Office

Protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks | T-Systems
Firewalls first. Today, hackers almost seem to carry out DDoS attacks for fun. To protect its web services, Germany's Federal Printing Office is collaborating with T-Systems' Cyber Defense Center.


Innovative IT: DVAG enables the best possible advice – anytime and anywhere | T-Systems
Interview. Christian Glanz, CIO of Deutsche Vermögensverwaltung, a financial planning services company, on the sense and senselessness of believing the hype.


IT-News. Eurowings gains a new VPN... Bavarian police leverage an IT-supported evidence management solution... Daimler awards a billion-euro systems integration contract... and more.


Networks in art

Exhibition suspended city: floating cities built of intelligent web-like structures | T-Systems
Suspended city. Tomás Saraceno designs intelligent web-like structures as the “foundation” of his floating cities.

Perfecting production

In the Formula 1 Red Bull banks on software made in Germany | T-Systems
Virtual production. Software with the ‘made in Germany’ seal of approval supports the Infiniti Red Bull Formula 1 racing team.

Streets ahead

Smart solar streets are planned to generate electricity in the future | T-Systems
Smart streets. A couple from Idaho develops a solar street and dreams of a world where highways generate electricity.
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